Functional Medicine



functional medicine tree diagram

If our goal is healthy living, bread should be a seldom guest in our menu and also must be specially prepared. That means we shouldn’t be eating bread 4 times a day, perhaps not even every day, or not even every week! In the old times, people baked bread as a kind of celebration. They used it to express their thanks for an abundant season. And they certainly did not bake it from wheat that was technologically processed – which is what we need to get back to as well! Today’s technological processes change the quality of gluten which makes it harder for our already sensitive bowels to digest such flour-based products.
There is historic reason for such technologies and that is the outlived need to quickly feed masses of people. Don’t get me wrong, we still do need to feed masses of people. However, we can do this in a much healthier way that concentrates on quality rather than quantity.
Today, in this time of luxury and abundance, such technology is instead kept around to artificially push down prices of flour and products from it. Products which are now mostly colored, decorated, packed and marketed as healthy, while they are anything but.

The good news is that there are already bakeries which use old technologies to grind their wheat into flour. All we need to do is keep our eyes open for such bakeries – or flour markets for that matter. The best way, of course is to buy a wheat mill which will grind the wheat into a healthy flour for you. If you can find the time, this is without a doubt the best investment you can make for your health – at least bread-wise 🙂

Daily routine

daily routine in images of a child doing its daily tasks

As for our daily routines, it’s best to keep them as balanced as possible on daily basis. That mostly means trying what suit us at whichever time of the day and go with it. No need to change it afterwards unless we’re feeling unwell (which might be actually a good time for fasting). We can many times take example from nature, in this case from animals. They also have their daily routines. Time when they sleep, time when they eat and if they get sick, they simply stop eating, relaxing their digestive system and starting up their immune system… until they feel all right again.

It’s probably not a great idea to trust various diet recommendations from other people. What works for them might actually make you feel worse. But it’s usually safe to try some of it and keep only what your body will tell you to keep.
For the past 10-15 years, there was a certain dietological recommendation which said it’s healthy to eat 3 to 5 times a day at a certain time. Nowadays, dietologists started to shift towards recommending that we postpone our breakfast until we feel the hunger. Only then we should start with breakfast, keeping a healthy 6-8 hour pauses between meals.

Perhaps just as me, you also came to realize that people living in countries with sufficient food supplies seldom feel hunger. We grew accustomed to a certain rhythm given us by someone or something external. Be it a school, planned lunch pauses at work, family dinners at the exact same time every day etc. These artificial rhythms are not ours though and our bodies know that well. It makes no sense for our body to eat at 7:30 AM if we just woke up and are still half asleep. If we wake up at 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM, it could be well possible to start breakfast at 10:00 AM or even 11:00 AM. Just observe what makes you feel good and energized and follow that path! There is a very nice saying that sums it up well – eat as you breathe. Don’t think about it, just do it when and as needed. Otherwise, a growing belly or bottoms might as well remind you of the excess energy intake.

Processed foods

a table full of packed processed foods

If we wanted to be a little more global, my advise would be to phase out eating processed foods. These are all the food products that come prepackaged from a factory and contain a long list of ingredients on their usually well-designed and tempting packaging. But if you fall for that packaging, you won’t really be eating what is displayed on it. Instead, your body will ingest a chemical mix of various agents that hurt your body rather than delivering any nutrients.
Instead, try eating as much real food as possible. That could mean finding a local farmer or a store which sells produce from local farmers and eating as fresh as possible. There is a number of veggies, nuts and fruits that I bet you never tasted in your life. And if you’d like your life to be worth the experience, give yourself a chance to discover what really is in store for your taste buds!

So, does this mean we should be eating all of the veggies and fruits available in our local farm market? Of course not! Depending on where we live, there is a lot of produce being constantly imported from other countries. For example, people in Central Europe get bananas, mangoes and grapefruits from Africa or America. That doesn’t strike me as the best course of action, especially during winter time. Imagine eating oranges in Iceland or Siberia…. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? This fruit is actually designed by nature to lower our organs’ temperature. That’s why it grows in hot places, not Siberia! Then why do we do this to ourselves every winter?
Best bet is always to eat local – that means eat what naturally grows in the area where you live.

Healthy fats

table with egg, avocado, nuts, butter and seeds

How about a few words about healthy fats? Yup, you read that right – fats can be healthy! For example, fats coming from seeds, nuts, fruit (coconut) and vegetables (avocado) are the best source of healthy fats coming directly from nature. Or if you can’t imagine your life without meat and fat from animals, there’s a cute breed of Mangalica pig from Hungary, sometimes also called a Sheep Pig. These pigs can also provide people with healthy fat! But generally, if you’re not lactose intolerant, you could also get healthy fat from cows bred on meadows with nice green grass and clear air.

Just make sure to not overdo eating healthy fats, as even the healthiest of fruits, veggies, animal parts or even pharma-made vitamins can cause trouble if we overdose on them! Always listen to your body and it will guide you directly towards the way of fulfilling its needs. After you clean up your taste buds by eating healthy that is. Not just your taste buds but also your stomach and bowels are by now used to a lot of unhealthy additives and perhaps an overdose of salt and sugar. Your body will ask for these as a matter of habit. But try pausing your morning coffee rituals for a month (and best also lowering the amount of stress that your coffee is suppressing) and you’re certain to feel the change. First perhaps in an annoyingly relentless way of the habit knocking on your door constantly. Then – on your strength, tongue and in your mood. Be sure to drink enough water and do some exercise while you’re at it, so your body has a way to remove the excess of caffeine and you’re good to go!

By the way – did you know that a combination of sugar and fats is the quickest way to deteriorate your health in one of the worst possible ways? Apropos… sugar…


white sugar cubes on a table

You may have heard this already but it’s never a bad idea to repeat the important: refined white sugar is a poison! Very few people know about this but refined sugar in our bodies acts as sugar and fat combined. It is one of the reasons why refined white sugar is so dangerous, since fats and sugars together are great grounds to start a process of inflammation. This is not present in anything in nature. This is purely human invention – and an evil one as well!
Today, for no reason at all, refined sugar can be found everywhere. From bread to mustard, from ketchup to factory-processed pickles. Sugar was once so valuable it was actually worth a lot of money. People went to work for a whole day just to get a small pack of sugar in return! You could pay with sugar back in those days! Why? Because nothing in nature came close to its taste! We’ve refined it and highlighted the sweetness in this white gold (also a term used to refer to sugar in the past) and that made it special! However, much like flour today, sugar was made a common promiscuous commodity which, in the amounts being ingested by people during each and every day, causes nothing less than a disaster in our bodies – and our minds.
During the last decades, scientific studies were carried out that linked sugar ingestion to onset of depression. I would recommend using natural sugars where necessary. Or even replacing them completely by those fresh and live products of nature that are already nice and sweet. Try a fresh pineapple or a banana!


Thinking and intuition

a compass with words lies and truth, pointing towards truth

It is important to realize that there is no universal truth applicable to everyone in the world. We are all unique. And that means that our body and mind needs something different to the body and mind of the person nextdoor. This applies to the mentioned food recommendations as well as everything else.

We spent a lot of time trying to understand the Universe in scientific ways – section by section, part by part. Ignoring that those parts constantly interact with and affect each other. We are affecting the whole Universe in the same way this Universe is affecting us… and the Sun, the Moon, our Earth, water in our bodies and everything else in every given moment. This was in fact measured and itself scientifically proven. More interesting information on this subject can also be found in Epigenetics, in layman’s terms very well explained by Mr. Bruce Lipton, PhD in his various videos about his own research of DNA.

Science dissected nature and based itself on repeatable experiments. But how could you repeat a heart beat from a second ago? You can’t! There can only be a single heart beat in that single second of that single heart! That’s what makes each moment of our lives so unique. Once we realize this and start creating the reality we live in consciously, we can free ourselves from the half-asleep automated life that many people are forced to live.

outline of a head inside a head

The only way to start living healthy again is to re-discover our own intuition. It is a tool which will always tell us what our bodies actually need at every given moment. To do this, we need to simply stop focusing all of our attention on thinking and start combining our the logic with the gut feeling that arrives with every situation that is about to affect us.

In this strange world that we created, we tried to teach our nations that all of our problems can be solved by thinking about them in our heads. What we actually achieved is disconnecting ourselves from our bodies. We became very good in solving problems in our heads. But the only problem logically solvable in one’s head is the one that was logically created there.

In nature, there is no problem until we create one. Everything in nature is balanced. And just like in our bodies, every disbalance in nature is immediately balanced back by whatever secondary forces nature has to do this. If we were to be born in the woods and raised by wolves – as has been the case for some people in the past – we would hardly need logic to solve any problems at all. Wolves live in harmony with nature. And nature naturally provides for them all. For all of us! Nothing else is needed – it’s all there. There is no problem.
You may choose to leave all the hard work to nature, to God, to the Universe… however you want to call it. If you put this into your center, you will feel connected with everything and keep discovering joy in your life. But if you remove nature, if you remove God or the Universe and put yourself in the middle, you will start seeing problems everywhere. And your life will become a mess. The choice is, of course, yours and yours alone.



symbol of doctors of western medicine - a pole, 2 snakes clingin around it and wings on top

Since the title of this post is Functional Medicine, we should now really say that there is no such thing as a dysfunctional medicine. The difference between functional and western medicine is that in functional medicine, doctors have a lot more time to talk to the patient, as well as examine them using specific equipment and environment.
Functional medicine includes western medicine practices. This means that doctors will ask for physical symptoms and sometimes even prescribe medication to prevent worsening of acute – or in other words emergency – physical state. However, functional medicine observes the fact that most of our illnesses are psychological in nature and that they origin from our emotional state and our body’s emotional memory. And this is where the western medicine had historically poor results. It is the realm of chronic illnesses that persist for long periods of time and no medication seem to be able to treat them, only suppressing their physical symptoms.

elephant and 6 people, each looking at a single part of it, thinking it's something else than it is, such as a snake (trunk), tree (leg) or rope (tail)

Western medicine is evidence-based and scientific. As we previously said, science dissected nature into parts and tried to understand them separately. This is also how western medicine does it. Doctors tried what worked for which part of our body ecosystem, then devised a medicine which treated that section for that one specific illness. Failing to see the big picture, western medicine unfortunately took (and is still taking) the blind men and an elephant approach.
Using this approach, western medicine is able to work with each of the separate parts of our body as if it lived on its own. That picture is partially true, as many of our ecosystems are seemingly enclosed and serve a single purpose. However, failing to observe how affecting one ecosystem – let’s say our stomach – reflects on all other systems – let’s say our liver, usually leads to a later need for liver treatments for that exact consequence that was caused by treating our stomach in the first place.
This scheme has the habit of traveling other systems in our body until there is none left that could handle the added stress. This stress is caused by the imbalance from treating the initial ecosystem. And although our bodies are very wise and resilient, is it common for especially old people in this scheme to come to a state where western medicine can offer no more help.

Functional medicine, on the other hand will study the patient on physical and psychological level and try to build the big picture. It studies not just what the physical symptoms are there right now but also what actually led to them in the long term and how to potentially put the systems of one’s body and mind back to their natural state.

Story of cholesterol

3d image of cholesterol buildup in an artery

One of the examples of how ineffective western medicine can be is the change in accepted healthy cholesterol levels. About 15 years ago (around the year 2000), a group of cardiologists met at a congress. There, they determined that a cholesterol level of 6 – which was the norm for those days – was too high to be considered safe. So, they lowered it to 5,5. Years have passed and from scientific statistical data it became apparent that more people started to feel unwell (and potentially died) beyond the age of 60. And also that it’s possible that level 6 might actually have been a better safe level. There are studies confirming this information, yet to this day the safe level remains at 5,5. The side effect that pharmaceutical concerns had a much steadier income from medication for this group of people might also play a role. But of course, the guy from Thank you for smoking would argue against this and would probably win.


If we take into consideration that our body is a Universe of its own, which means it’s a huge system with everything affecting everything else, and that no human body is the same as another – it becomes apparent that even the actual idea of setting a safe cholesterol limits for all people does not make any sense. There were people with perfect cholesterol levels who died from obstructed arteries and there are people way above these safe levels who happily live to this day. Furthermore, cholesterol is not a single-formed mass. It has multiple forms, it exists in many particle sizes etc.
The only relevant safe cholesterol limit is the one set by your own body and lifestyle and that is something that no statistics can predict for you. But of course – your intuition and feeling your own body can, and does!

Deadly coconuts

split coconut

This and similar statistical situations can sometimes really escalate into some strange and funny results. For example, the American Heart Association had issued an advisory against consuming coconut fats. Without actually having some exact parameters of the studied coconut fat’s quality, the exact type, gender, age and previous medical condition of people who consumed it etc. They concluded that consuming coconut oil can raise levels of LDL cholesterol – the bad one – in human’s blood. Well, I do believe that consuming coconuts at large during a short period of time could have such an effect. Just like if you drink 10 liters of water all at once and your kidneys give up. But I’m more inclined to think that AHA maybe meant to point out at the danger of coconuts when they fall on your head if you stand under a coconut palm.

pills and tube

While we are talking about statistics, let’s have a look at a more interesting one. If coconut fats can be so dangerous, how safe are the medications that should eventually help us control our bad cholesterol levels and resolve other kinds of health problems? There is a statistic that shows the amount of medications that were approved as safe but then removed from the market, since they were in fact dangerous to our health. Would you care to guess? It’s about 15% of medication removed from the market for this reason. So, how can we really trust someone’s statistics?

Another interesting example of how western medicine is still in a try-and-fail mode is antibiotics. Perhaps you visited your doctor at least once to have them prescribed and told to be sure to use them all up according to some time plan that the doctor gave you. Let’s say you had to take one every 6 hours until the box was empty. Well… it appears that there is no study to support the precedence of having to use up the full dosage of antibiotics. But all of the doctors (at least in my country) insist that you use them up!


As time went by…

old map, spyglass and a compass

Each epoch in the human history tends to bring up its own set of challenges.
Before we had Penicillin, we had wars. Wars came with their own body count and death tolls and it was bad.
Then, as cities grew larger (and dirtier) and until antibiotics came about, people started to die from acute infections. But we overcame that challenge and came out victorious.
Afterwards, we’ve even learned to deal with body trauma, so we could save people even if their arm or liver was torn in a battle.
But not much has changes since and it looks like our western medicine is keeping the same approach that was used during those battles with infections and wars. It attempts to cure patients with chronic diseases as if these were acute diseases. And that is exactly an approach that will slowly exhaust body’s own defenses and later lead to more serious complications.

Consider the following scenario. A person comes to doctor. This doctor does some tests and determines that this person has diabetes. Now, the old approach works like this: you seem to have contracted a certain kind of illness, here is your medication. But in the past, this kind of approach was used with acute illnesses in mind – you contracted an infection, here is your antibiotics, you’re saved. Diabetes is not an illness that can be contracted by walking down the street, so why use that same principal? Well, the answer is – we shouldn’t and it won’t work.

Diabetes is a result of imbalance in our body that was forming for a long time and when the body couldn’t handle it on its own anymore, an illness was created to directly show us what’s wrong. So, as you can see, the old approach really cannot work here.

From functional medicine’s point of view, there is no such thing as untreatable chronic desease. There are only untreatable patients whose minds and understanding of the world are set to work that way. It is exactly these patients who will give their complete power to the western medicine system in hope of them getting better. But in reality, they actually gave up the last hope for saving themselves that they’d had until that point.


Bacteria and antibiotics

3d image of bacteria

Perhaps it follows from the previous section but let’s make this clear. We are being overdosed with antibiotics for many illnesses where antibiotics have little to no real effect – such as common cold and flu. With both of these, your body needs 3 days of rest, after which a reasonably healthy body recovers on its own. There was cold and flu before there were antibiotics and we survived. But since our doctors tend to prescribe antibiotics in these instances, it had a somewhat alarming side-effect in the past decades. Bacteria that we aim to kill with antibiotics started to adapt and became immune to them.

WHO – a globally recognized health monitoring organization – issued a warning and a fact sheet on antibiotics resistance. What this means is that while we were winning on the infection-treating front in the past thanks to antibiotics, the tide has turned and we’re starting to loose exactly due to overuse of antibiotics in the world today.

cartoon drawing of happy bacteria in bowels

This could seem like a bit of a stretch but nothing in the Universe is happening without a reason. And from my perspective – the reason for this situation is not only to show us that we heavily overuse antibiotics but also that by doing so, we’re actually killing off our own micro-flora in our bodies. And this micro-flora is built using exactly the organisms we try to destroy – bacteria. The good kind, that is.

The appendix

Perhaps you’ve heard of a small section of our bowels that’s called appendix. During the last century, this short dead end section started to really bother people. Under certain condition, it became an inflamed life-threatening little thing which ruptured and released a mix of toxic bacteria into our body, bringing a certain dead to the person involved. I say during the last century, since before that time, this kind of disease was fairly rare. But this changed since our stress levels started to raise and everything started to speed up. We put our trust into food concerns for our everyday meals (rather than into our mother) and we gave our own power over our health to pharmaceutical concerns which doped us with 15% of health-damaging medicine and vaccinated us with a lot of side effects.
Of course, today a surgeon can easily remove inflamed appendix from your body should you need it. What many people fail to realize is that the appendix is actually a repository of the bacteria which we need in our own body to work properly. Let’s say we get sick and the good bacteria in our bowels get overpowered by the bad ones which then get killed by our immune system and antibiotics. Appendix is then used to re-supply our bowels with the good bacteria as soon as possible, so we can work as intended ASAP. But what happens if the appendix was removed? Well, we kill off our reservoir of good bacteria, so the resources to replenish our ranks of good bacteria must come from somewhere else! Perhaps from pharmaceutically cloned probiotics? Or we could even go as far as to undergo a fecal transplant procedure where doctors of this strange western medicine put stool of some other healthy person into the bowels of your own.

Us – microbes

cartoon drawing of a bacteria

It is interesting to talk about bacteria from another point of view as well. A point of view that many of us don’t have the slightest idea about but it’s so profound that not knowing this is like not knowing that the Sun comes back in the morning after it sets down in the evening. Let me start this with a question. Do you think you are human? Well, if you answered yes, than I’ve got news for you. All of us, we are all actually microbes. We may perceive the actual result of everything that builds us and works in our body as organs, meat and blood but if we take our own DNA – the whole lot of it – and analyze it, the scientific proof of what I just said would be sitting right there in front of us. 99% of our DNA material is microbial. The rest of it, that 1% of our DNA is actually our human DNA which tells our cells to build everything that makes us look human the way they do. So if you ever thought that our brain is what actually controls our lives, know that it’s not much more than a radio tuned to our personal piece of the Universe from which we receive information. The actual parts of us that are behind the steering wheel of our body are in fact – microbes. It’s not without reason that about 2kg of bacteria in our body – in our belly – is what’s called “the forgotten organ” and in some indigenous tribes is to this day considered the brain of our life.


The big picture

open head from behind, left hemisphere represented by people in cubicles behind computers, right hemisphere by people in nature

For a long time now, we knew that our brain consists of 2 parts called hemispheres that are separated from one another, although they do communicate together. After some study, we’ve found out that each of the hemispheres seem to have control over different aspects of our life, or how we perceive it.

Left hemisphere seem to be connected to logical tasks – it’s our little personal organizer. In computer language, this hemisphere works as a serial processor.
Right hemisphere on the other hand seem to be more creative-oriented – just like our own personal artist. Or in computer language – it works as a parallel processor.

Jill Bolte Taylor had a first-hand experience studying the difference between how each of the hemispheres processes information on the morning when she woke up to a massive stroke in her left hemisphere. You can check out what she’s got to say about it in her own TedX talk.

The point is that we’ve all received both hemispheres for our human lives but for some reason, science and western medicine only decided to consider the left hemisphere. They forgot the right one and call it evidence based discipline. There would not be anything wrong with it if science and western medicine was now not part of our everyday lives and overwhelmingly huge part our culture. This is literally forcing us to live our lives through the left hemisphere only to be accepted as a civilized human being! Then it’s no surprise we no longer hear our own intuition, since not just science but our own culture has lost the ability to see the big picture!


The mysterious Amygdala

position of Amygdala towards frontal lobe of our brain

One of the more interesting parts of our human body that was studied by science is a small pair of cell clusters in our brain called Amygdala. You’ve all probably at least once in your lives experienced a situation when time seemed to perceptibly slow down. This usually happens in complicated or dangerous situations where our reactions could depend on very quick analyses. For example, in a situation when a person driving a car is torn between 2 options. Either they run into a person crossing the street or possibly head-crash into another vehicle coming from the opposite direction as they try to avoid the crossing person. In a situation like this, our brain’s gray cortex pauses the control of decision making and Amygdala takes over. This is where we perceive time slowing down and when our brain has enough space to make calculations leading to a final decision. And that would likely be to turn the wheel away from both, the crossing person and the opposite car and crash into a road barrier instead.

But to make things a little more interesting – Amygdala activation seem to be a trainable thing! For example, various monks train in dark with swords and apples where someone would throw apples at these monks and they cut it in half in mid-air. A little better scientifically documented story is one of Ronaldo scoring goals with a ball passed to him in the dark. I suspect that this might be the speed of our mind that Russian Anastasia from Siberia talks about in books from writer Vladimir Megre.

teacher and a young child talking

And if this wasn’t interesting enough, there are numerous therapeutic techniques (such as Three In One Concept, Emotional Code, Access Bars…) that actually count on the functionality provided by Amygdala! It would seem that Amygdala is connected to our limbic system of the brain in which science believes data from emotionally intense situation is stored and reused. From later studies of Candace Perth, however it would seem that our emotional memory and reactions are stored within the receptors of all of our cells thorough our whole body. This is also what at least the Three In One Concept therapy which is partly based on kinesiology believes to be true. But let’s get back back to Amygdala…

As an example – if a person has bad encounter with a dog when they’re young and have to run away or be bitten, our limbic system would store that information along with our reaction. Then, Amygdala itself will through this limbic system reuse the same reaction in our future life – simply because we’ve “learned” it as the best way to react in such a situation. So, why do we actually need therapeutic techniques to rid us of these learned reactions? It’s because now every single dog could actually cause a stressful panic attack to the person involved. This could be way too counterproductive if we’re dealing with puppies that simply want to play and would not hurt us in any way. But since Amygdala learned that dogs are dangerous to us, the body immediately reacts negatively to a danger that is not really there.


Self-confidence, self-worth, self-love

legs with 2 socks touching each other, each with half a heart, making a full heart

A child is building its personality during the period of 0 to 6 years of age. At that point, much of their personality is set and they start gaining experience based on how they use the persona they became. This 6 years process is being largely supported by learning through emotions and reactions to emotions through Amygdala. You can probably see why it’s often so hard to change even a single aspect of ourselves at our adult age – everything we are was already learned in our childhood.

Taking this into consideration, even you can observe that adults tend to suddenly fall back into a childish defensive position if you struck the right cord. Everyone of us have these and everyone else actually sees this child in us when we fall back to our learned limbic reactions. This is another aspect that all of the above-mentioned therapies (and even those not mentioned here) help to re-program. But all in all, the state of our society today, with all of our physical and psychological problems is a result of a loss of our self-confidence, loss of self-worth and a lack of self-love.

theater scene

This can be well spotted on students studying theater. It could be so hard to uncover one’s true identity – their true joyful self – that even in a theater class this person would have the tendency to fall back and feel ashamed if they revealed it. If the role they played and the freedom they were given was so natural to them that they lost control of themselves, they tend to fear loosing their controlled state – which they worked their whole life to achieve – again.

This happens when a person learned self-control rather than to be self-aware. Many of us in this system were taught to control our emotions, our needs, our hearth because it was inappropriate in the given situation. And the more we’re taught to live this way, the more we loose our own life.

As Kahlil Gibran said in one of his books – your houses are a reflection of your fear. And to be true, people do tend to build enclosed, isolated houses with bars on their windows and locks on their doors where nothing natural can surprise them and where they have seemingly full control of their lives.



open head from which questionmarks emanate
wavelength of love, ensompassing a full human body and even growing beyond it as opposed to fear, only encompassing torso of the body

Since we’ve been quite evil towards western medicine – albeit not without reason, it’s probably good idea to shed some light into its current progress. Even western medicine had to accept that – at the end, much of our health problems actually do stem from our current mental ecosystem. This would include stress levels, environment in which we live or work, and more. For this purpose, a new (and crazily named) segment of western medicine was created. But at least this crazy long name (which in reality doesn’t actually contain hyphens!) suggests that western medicine is now also trying to put the parts into which it was divided together to see the whole elephant again.

To explain what this new segment of medicine studies, let’s take each part from that word and explain what is hidden behind it.

1. psycho

Our internal frame of mind and the emotions that we create and reuse in our interpersonal relationships can be either positive or negative. If they are negative, they start to negatively affect our other systems.

2. neuro

The first system affected by our emotional life is our neural system which eventually manages… well, everything. Also, our hormonal system gets affected. Hormonal system is basically a messenger that sends messages back and forth between those parts in our body that need to do something at a certain time or under certain conditions.

3. imuno

The last part affected is our immunity which dictates whether we remain healthy or we get ill. Now, this all combined results in a single message to humanity: all of our diseases today are the result of a malfunction of our immunity system and our hormonal system. And both of them are in the meanwhile being constantly affected by our internal emotional state – whether positively or further negatively.

glass ball with continents engraved laying on a mossy flowery bed in woods

At the end, we top this up with the environmental impact on us, which means everything that we ingest – not just our food but also mental information that is being fed to us from media, friends and society.

You can now probably see that even western medicine is nowadays trying to actually see and get the big picture, even though it still makes us swallow loads of pills in the meanwhile. But those pills can never ever – in the long term – help us in any way other than by pulling us down in their own negative ways.

You see, all of the chemically manufactured medicine is exactly that – a chemical extract that even if taken from a plant or an animal, is still just a single part of that other organism which on its own cannot work as it does in that plant or animal itself. Nature knows why that plant has that exact chemical in its body at that place where is resides. It cooperates with that whole ecosystem and that is why it potentially makes the plant grow in a healthy way. Extract it, add it to another organism and in time, you create an imbalance that in the long run hurts you rather than helps you get healthier. But that is currently the only way medicine can actually make money on parts of plants that would normally heal us when eaten. It has to extract one that single part of it and create a patent for that part along with the pill it’s being mixed into. This is also a reason why herbology is slowly being pushed back into oblivion by the pharma industry.


Inherited emotions

Family inheritance

4 fingers, each with a face displaying different emotion

From what we briefly saw in chapter Thinking and intuition, we can now safely say that our view on inherited illnesses is a bit off from the actual reality. We do inherit our parents’ DNA – and the DNA of our whole family tree, that one thing is for sure. But if Epigenetics tells us that our environment – and later our thoughts and actions – actually dictate what our genes will do for us, then our understanding of genetically inherited illnesses would also be wrong. And it doesn’t actually end there.

If we go further and see what psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology and the discovery of Amygdala and limbic system and their functionality is telling us, we can easily deduct one thing. It is that not only we’ve got DNA inheritance wrong but also that there is another phenomenon in action here – and that is inherited emotional reactions!

Let’s say that our parents had their own hidden emotional responses stored in their limbic system – we can consider these to be non-conscious reactions, as our parents didn’t know about them. They would basically learn them some time during their lives and think that this is the way to live (safely) – perhaps by running from every dog they see. Imagine then that – as their child, you would be taught by them to the best of their abilities how to respond to various events in your life. Your parents want to make your life the safest and most productive and the happiest life they can imagine for you. Much of the time, they really mean well – for example trying to warn you that the stove really is hot and you should not put your hand on it (of course you’d do exactly that the moment they don’t look because we all learn by doing). But sometimes they would try to teach you things that stem from their own learned emotional reactions. And so when they see a dog, they would do their best to protect you from it, even though you might not have a reason to fear that dog at that point. After some time, you might learn to fear dogs just as your parents do… and voilà – an inherited emotional response is born.

This would be one reason why we might have been mixing inherited illnesses based on our family’s DNA with illnesses that are actually inherited through negative emotions. This is of course not limited to fear from dogs. Many people would find themselves a partner with the same qualities as one of their parents just to find out that this partner turned out to have the same traits that were lowering your parent’s self-esteem during their own relationship. Combine this with getting used to a certain type of food – “because that’s how our family was eating for the past 100 years!” – and problems with your thyroid gland are on their way.

A way out of this is to start looking at your emotional coding and to start working with it – potentially using one of the therapies that teach you how to do this (mentioned in the Amygdala chapter). Changing your views and beliefs, the food you eat, the amount and/or type of physical activity you do will bring you to a state where you suddenly realize that you healed yourself. And not by taking medicine for your thyroid gland but rather the opposite – supporting it by changing the environment around it.

Cultural inheritance

marble interior of an antique building

While it would be easy to concentrate all of our attention on the inheritance of emotional reactions in the family, there is still probably a bigger – or somewhat more problematic – kind of emotional inheritance. This inheritance comes from our cultural habits and is far more difficult to overcome, since it’s created by the masses for the masses. And if we don’t want to feel like outsiders, we would many times choose to go even against ourselves and our own happiness to comply.

It is not impossible to break though and many who already absolved their own extensive emotional work within their family will naturally feel the urge to bring the good feeling of freedom to us all.

The way this kind of inheritance works is a nasty one, since it’s a little hidden. Be it in movies, books, blogs, videos of popular YouTubers – and this whole system then works to keep a certain image of the society and its fears (as well as advantages) alive. Fear is the only thing that actually allows any system to control any single individual. But those fears can only exist as long as we ourselves work on supporting them and keeping them alive. Or we may perhaps choose to ignore these and start working on our own free and happy life. And if a simple therapy from a healthy thinking individual would do the job, what’s keeping us from trying?


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